Waxing Lyrical

DL1961 Hepburn Wide Leg in Slate

Sustain Your Style Vol. I

Bringing you inspiration and ways to wear. Our first edition focuses on the Hepburn Wide Leg in Slate from DL1961. Find the versatility in every piece and extend it's life...

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Vegan Leather Styles Cute Cow Picture Janko Ferlic The Impact of Leather

The Impact of Leather

Upcycled and vintage leather are totally cool and innovative ways to minimize waste - we really don't need to create new leather from living, breathing, adorable cows. 

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Gift Guide Funny Style Blogger for Better Fashion and Beauty

Holiday Gifting Guide 2018

I was on a mission to get a Christmas gift for my sister that would FOR ONCE be even half as thoughtful and cute and perfectly reflective of her personality as...

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