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This Is The Best Serum for Dry Skin

I tried nearly every facial moisturizer and lotion on the market and I was still extremely dry, itchy, and visibly flaky. Sometimes my face would feel so thirsty and dehydrated that I...

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WTF Does Clean Beauty Actually Mean?

Shouldn’t every beauty, skincare, and haircare product be “non-toxic” and "safe"? Hard pass on lightly patting 4-6 drops of unsafe toxic serum into my skin 🙄Check out our standards for...

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Waxing Lyrical

Vegan Leather Styles Cute Cow Picture Janko Ferlic The Impact of Leather

The Impact of Leather

Upcycled and vintage leather are totally cool and innovative ways to minimize waste - we really don't need to create new leather from living, breathing, adorable cows. 

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Gift Guide Funny Style Blogger for Better Fashion and Beauty

Holiday Gifting Guide 2018

I was on a mission to get a Christmas gift for my sister that would FOR ONCE be even half as thoughtful and cute and perfectly reflective of her personality as...

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