Our Efforts

Read more about our practices, on-going initiatives, and future efforts. We don't work with any factories directly, but we do work with a lot of sustainability-focused partners that are linked below. ☻



As a woman of color owned independent business, we aim to champion brands that not only put principles above profit, but are also similarly founded by members of marginalized communities.

We look to carry innovative brands that are using recycled or low-impact / natural materials in their products and that are conscious about their impact on the planet, people, and animals. Our beauty collection is entirely non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. We value future minded brand partners that are actively seeking ways to do less harm. 


We donate 1% of our yearly sales to environmental non-profits as part of a collective pledge with other businesses, conscious consumers, and individual members. Through 1%, we ensure our environmental giving is credible. 

    • All of our print materials are 100% recycled or at the very least, recyclable themselves.
    • Our sticker sheets are paper-based and recyclable, meaning they're 100% PVC-free. 
    • We reuse packaging where we can, otherwise we use 100% recycled protective plastic bags, mailers, paper, and envelopes, and recyclable, zero waste shipping labels all from EcoEnclose
    • We mostly use cardboard boxes for shipping (which are made from recycled content) but we also use compostable mailers and acid-free, FSC certified, soy ink printed tissue paper from No Issue
    • In the past, our physical touch points have had illustrations in order to give people incentive to reuse their packaging: re-gifting it, or hanging it up as art.


Our in-house line of Astronomy Club tees use 100% recycled cotton trash tees from Everybody.World or 100% organic cotton tees which don't use harmful chemicals, making them gentler on the skin and kinder to the environment.


We have not accepted new apparel with plastic-based material like polyester or nylon since Oct. 2019 in an effort to lower our contribution to micro-plastic or microfiber pollution in our oceans. Eventually we hope to make the shop free of virgin synthetic fabrics. 

Our vintage / thrifted section will continue to have plastic-based synthetic materials. In an effort to encourage re-use of previously-loved fashion we carry Guppyfriend laundry bags and urge our customers to use these or a comparable solution (like a washing machine filter) when laundering synthetic fabrics.