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The Astronomy Club is a collection of ethical and eco-conscious merch made by the lunary. 

A Minority / Woman-Owned Small Business

We carry like-minded, purpose-driven, and responsible brands that are passionate about making an impact for the better. 

Ethical Fashion Brands & Sustainable Fashion

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Clean, Cruelty-Free & Vegan

All of our Beauty and Wellness products meet this criteria. All new clothing and accessories are vegan too. Materials and impact are always considered before deciding if we should carry a product. 

Goodbye Microplastics 👋

We h8 micro-plastics, the tiny plastic fibers that shed from synthetic clothing like polyester or nylon. That's why we've undertaken a new initiative to no longer carry any new apparel made from virgin plastic based materials.

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Musings on culture, fashion, beauty, ethics, sustainability, + more.

My Ethical Fashion Journey

This practice of questioning and researching to find companies with values like my own led me to discover purpose-driven, innovative brands and small businesses that I was really proud to...

COVID-19 Update + Resources From Our Founder

Everyone's lives have been impacted by the Coronavirus. Let's share ways to stay healthy, calm, and happy during this tough time. Read on for an update on our business, resources on how you...

Global Climate Strike 2019

We joined climate activist Greta Thunberg & the Fridays for Future movement for our local Global Climate Strike on September 20th 2019. KEEP FOSSIL FUELS IN THE GROUND. It's time...