Brand Criteria

We get you the transparency you need to shop better -- so you know what your $ is really supporting and feel empowered to use your $ for good.   

After evaluating a brand's purpose, values, process, and product materials or ingredients we can determine if they're a good fit for the webshop. There are basic ethical practices such as Fair Pay, Safe Working Conditions, and being Cruelty-Free that we require from all of our brand partners. We like to see that the brands we work with are conscious about their impact on the planet, people, and animals - and that they're actively trying to lessen it.

There are many ways to go about doing that in today's day and age, so we compiled a list of all the production and product qualities that help our brand partners achieve this common goal. We actively seek out these extra bits of information to find brand partners that are truly thinking of our future. You can find these callouts on product pages.


Required of all brands. We want to see a well thought out and responsible supply chain from our brand partners.

Required of all brands. We want partners that put values above profit. Kindness always wins. 

All beauty items and almost all of our 'new' goods are vegan. The only time you will find any animal product is if it's been upcycled, or if it's a previously loved item in our vintage collection ('non-vegan' will also be clearly noted on product pages).

Bold, purpose-driven, ethical brands that aren't afraid to stand up for what's right and fight for a better tomorrow. 

B-Corps, 1% For The Planet members, and others who donate a portion of sales to support environmental or social causes and nonprofit organizations. 


This can include current efforts such as slow fashion and accessories, made-to-order items, upcycled offcuts, recycled water and electricity, or on-going efforts in pursuit of a circular production model.

Production / manufacturing / suppliers are all located in the same general area as the brand's HQ, thereby lowering a company's carbon footprint.

Made lovingly by hand and meticulously handcrafted by skilled Artisans in an effort to preserve cultural traditions.

Natural fibers like cotton, tencel, linen, and hemp. Organic fibers and ingredients. All-natural product formulations and compositions. Non-toxic, clean dyes and formulations. 

Existing items that are re-worked into something new.

There are many innovative fabrics and materials that are allowing designers to create fashion from waste including, recycled polyester, recycled cotton, Econyl, Repreve, and more. 

As of October 2019, we no longer accept products that have virgin polyester in their composition. There may still be virgin polyester in products purchased before this date (although vast majority of our items do not contain the plastic based material).
Our vintage / previously loved selection will continue to have designs made from polyester, but we strongly encourage our customers to use a microplastic filter if they need to wash any plastic-based, synthetic fabrics to combat microfiber water pollution. 

Found treasures that have been previously loved. Reused items are a great way to extend the life cycle of existing fashion and accessory items. Instead of buying something that's been newly produced, which always has some sort of impact, buying secondhand, consignment, and thrifted goods keeps already made items out of a landfill for that much longer.


    If you're an indie Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asixn, POC founded conscious brand creating ethical, sustainable, and vegan goods that are a good fit for our webshop –– then we want you represented right here at The Lunary. 

    Majority of our brands are founded by women, because we want to elevate narratives and perspectives that are exciting and relatable, not ones that feel like the embodiment of wonder bread (i.e., white, cis-male... you get it). But you definitely don't HAVE to identify as a woman to be featured on the webshop...see the next point!

    All gender identities and sexual identies are welcome. We love future-conscious brands and makers that are fierce advocates for inclusivity and/or are founded by non-binary, gay, lesbian, transexual members of our community. 
    All bodies are beautiful, regardless of size. Everyone deserves to love themselves and to feel loved – we can't let old fashioned societal ideals ruin the way the life we live and the way we support each other. We would like to work with more minority-founded size-inclusive conscious brands. Hit us up.  

    Gender is fluid. We're a shop for everyone, celebrating and championing marginalized makers and brands. Buy what you want, wear what you want. Be who you want to be. 

    It's an on-going effort to find accessible, ethical / sustainable brands founded by marginalized folx BUT we are looking for you!! If you're interested in partnering with us or being sold on our website, send us an email anytime at Let's chat!