Sustain Your Style Vol. I

Hepburn Wide Leg Denim in Slate DL1961 Premium Denim


Sustain Your Style Vol. 1 | Bringing you inspiration and ways to wear

DL1961'S Hepburn Wide Leg in Slate might be a little intimidating for some - it is v wide leg, v high waist, and has v destructed hems after all. BUT there are actually so many different ways to style this piece and it looks great on, whether you're tall or short (the photos in this article show it modeled on someone who is 5'3"). We think it's a versatile, season-less style, that will get lots of use for the occasions to come. Just remember, carry yourself with confidence in whatever you wear and your friends will say, "Wow, Nance! Those jeans are SO you!"  And you can reply, "Thanks, they're made with less water than most denim brands, so they're better for the environment too!" Now that's something to brag about! ;)

Here are some of our favorite ways to wear The Hepburn Wide Leg from DL1961:


We love the look sustainable blogger and stylist Lauren Engelke put together with these jeans (check out her blog post about us). Worn with our MATE the Label Lucas Pullover and HFS Collective Piñatex Belt Bag, this outfit is perfect for being out and about, running errands on busy days, and looking stylish while doing it. If we could, we'd pair every outfit with a cool sneaker - a couple of our favorites? Vans' Slip Ons (the racing red ones are sick) or Veja's Campo (really digging the yellow atm).

Lauren Engelke Wearing Sustainable DL1961 Hepburn Denim in Slate


For winter, we love giving this look a street style edge with the Ring Handle mini bag from Angela Roi and oversized Feel Good sweatshirt and Baseball Cap from RiLEY Studio. Pair with your favorite sock booties to complete the look - we like Rafa's Ranger Boot because it's made from vegan, recycled textile (animal free and environmentally friendly are so worth the investment). 


Pair these with heeled sandals for a look that's going out appropriate (but still comfy thanks to The Hepburn's soft feel and roomy fit). Pair it with your favorite statement tee, so everyone knows how you really feel. We're partial to the I'd Rather Stay In tee from MATE The Label. 

We paired it with our vegan and sustainable Wine Carrier bag from HFS Collective. Best friends birthday party? Bring Champagne. Friend's house for a party, brunch, dinner, or otherwise? Bring wine. Boozy brunch? Bring water! (You probably thought we were going to say bring more alcohol but stying hydrated is important too - drink that H2O baby!)

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