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Welcome to THE LUNARY, we're so glad that you're here ❤︎

The Lunary is an online boutique with the raddest finds from ethical and sustainable brands. Because literally NO ONE prefers clothing made with toxic dyes that give cancer to factory workers in developing countries, or makeup tested on trapped and tortured bunnies, or fabric created from endangered rainforests, or handbags made from little cow babies. 

Better brands exist - innovative brands using new fabrics, technologies, and processes to bring you ethically made goods that last. Don’t settle for brands that aren’t doing enough. 

As consumers we’re often told that we need to demand more from the brands we buy - and it’s true, our $ holds a lot of power! But for many of us there’s already so much on our plate that researching the ethics of every brand, product, and material before we buy it is sometimes asking too much... we get that

That’s why we only carry brands that meet our standards, so you can shop with ease knowing that your purchases from THE LUNARY reflect your values (and your aesthetic too). We also share our own research on the brands and products we carry, giving you all the information you might need in order to decide if something is the right fit for you.

We make “ethical” and “sustainable” accessible for anyone that’s interested in buying a little better. For us, it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress, dialogue, and a growing community of people who give a fuck.


With Love,