Global Climate Strike 2019

The Global Climate Strikes were this past Friday, September 20th 2019, just ahead of the UN Emergency Climate Summit happening today, and will occur again on September 27th 2019. We attended the march and rally that took place in St.Petersburg, FL on the 20th and we hope you had the chance to attend your local climate strike too.

Climate Strike in St. Petersburg Florida Activists Marching For An End To Climate Crisis

Over 4 million people took part around the world: from Ghana in Africa, to Afghanistan in Asia, to Tokelau, a remote group of islands and territory of New Zealand. Seeing so many people passionate about the future gathered together and taking a stand for climate justice for all and an end to fossil fuels underscored how powerful it is when we raise our collective voice.

Climate Strike 2019 End to Fossil Fuels

Climate activist, Greta Thunburg and the Fridays for Future youth-led movement have ignited a world of passion, inspiring protestors all across the globe to stand up for this little planet that we call our home. This is the planet we were given to thrive on and there isn’t another one to replace it. How can climate action not be a priority? We need to understand the urgency of what it means to be living on a dying planet. We won't be able to stand up for anything when the ground beneath our feet ceases to exist. We can’t just go to the Moon once we destroy the Earth (at least not yet) and frankly, I wouldn’t choose to live on the Moon over planet Earth anyways. It’s gray, it looks boring, and we’d have to wear space suits the WHOLE TIME since we can’t breath up there. So let’s make sure Earth sticks around for a long time to come, not just for us groundlings but because every single person and animal on this planet deserves to keep their home, this planet that was meant for all of us.

Climate Strike 2019 St. Petersburg Florida

Fight for an immediate end to fossil fuel extraction and consumption, fight for climate equity, fight for climate justice, fight for the future. Our planet is hurtling toward a catastrophic natural collapse and we won't make it out alive, so fight for the survival of the human race too.

This is a global emergency, and it affects everyone.