This Is The Best Serum for Dry Skin

The Best Serum for Dry Skin NOTO Botanics Deep Serum

My own heavily used bottle makes an appearance above


Written by Lauren | Blogger @ The Lunary

Every single year around January I start talking major shit about Chicago. By then, the excitement of the holidays is over and the temperatures are often competing with Antarctica (for once I’m not being dramatic, we just had a -30 degree day). I yell things like “WHY DO I FUCKING LIVE HERE” as I’m shoveling my way out of my alley or “I’M FREEZING MY TITS OFF” as I shuffle my way to my car, trying not to slip and bust my ass on black ice. Inevitably though, spring and summer come around and I’m back on my bullshit blasting Cardi B while driving my Jeep down Lake Shore Drive and can barely remember the Polar Vortex that happened only weeks prior. But as I get older, the more and more brutal those winter weeks become. Climate change is certainly to blame, but also I suppose that it’s time to admit that my body has different needs than it did when I was younger. Most noticeably, my skin.

My skin has been SO dry the last couple months, which is a problem I’ve never really had to deal with before. While I’m thankful to have an apartment with working heat during the bitter cold days, the radiators are just relentlessly pumping out DRY AF air. As I’m writing this I’m actually hiding in my radiator-less bedroom with two (TWO) humidifiers going full blast in an attempt to make my skin hate me less. I think I’ve tried nearly every facial moisturizer and lotion on the market (even some good and expensive shit from Sephora) and I was still extremely dry, itchy, and visibly flaky. Sometimes my face would feel so thirsty and dehydrated that I started keeping my moisturizer next to my bed to re-apply in the middle of the goddamn night. Worst of all, I even WENT TO THE GYM with the promise to myself that I would hit up the steam room after my workout to help restore some moisture to my face and body. Then I introduced myself to our NOTO Botanics Serum and it was a total game changer.

^actual footage of me all winter

You guys, this serum is truly amazing. It deserves a crown of gold. I would take this serum on a fancy ass date. I would put a ring on this serum. This serum deserves a medal of freedom. No but really, this shit is liquid magic. At first I started off with a layer of the serum after I washed my face at night and before I applied my moisturizer and started seeing such an improvement immediately. Now I just mix a couple of drops into my regular moisturizer and I no longer want to claw my own face off in the middle of the night. I wake up with smooth and moist (sry) skin every morning. It’s extra dope (do the youths still say that?) that it’s made from all natural ingredients, totally vegan, and I can feel confident that my money is going to a brand that actually gives a shit about it’s impact on the world. Last added bonus: this stuff smells amazing and I’ve tricked my boyfriend into thinking that I naturally wake up smelling like fresh citrus.  

Do yourself and your skin a favor and scoop the NOTO Botanics Deep Serum up from The Lunary and 5% of your purchase will go to the Sierra Club <3

Already have NOTO but want more options for cruelty-free, vegan, natural-ingredient, orange-colored hydration? I know you probably don’t care about the color, but since there are a couple that fit the bill - why not, right? ;) Check out a couple of my past favorites below (the Deep Serum Mini is my current obsession though - it's the only that smells like citrus after all):

- Everyday Face Serum from Alder New York (not orange). Another great option from The Lunary, also at an accessible price point and super high quality. 

- Phoenix Oil from Herbivore Botanicals.

- Beauty Oil from RMS Beauty. Most products from RMS are not vegan, but this one is! All products are cruelty-free.