Holiday Gifting Guide 2018

Holiday Gifting Guide 2018

holiday gift guide 2018

Written by Lauren Streblo | Resident Blogging Queen @ The Lunary

It was a deceivingly sunny and freezing Sunday morning when I decided to leave my cozy AF bed to venture out into the nightmare that is holiday shopping in Chicago. I was on a mission to get a Christmas gift for my sister that would FOR ONCE be even half as thoughtful and cute and perfectly reflective of her personality as allllll the gifts are that she gives to me.

I headed to the Northside neighborhood of Andersonville, a typically a magical place full of cute boutiques and people who wear matching sweaters with their dogs, but after 45 minutes of trying to find parking while avoiding all the pedestrians, I was so frustrated that I just said fuck it and went home. Needless to say I did NOT get my sister a gift or get to pet any dogs. I did, however, end up back in bed eating a giant bowl of mac and cheese. Fail. 

To save yourself from the stress induced cardiac arrest of braving the stores this holiday season, do as much of your holiday shopping online as you possible can (perhaps cut out the excessive amounts of mac and cheese as well, but I'm no doctor). I finally got my shit together and ordered the most perfect gift for my sister from THE LUNARY (duh) - the gift is so effing cute AND AND AND from a retailer / brand that actually gives a shit about the environment, sustainability, and social justice. ALL things my sister will appreciate and that will make her gift even more special.

Check out my gift guide for THE LUNARY here to simplify your holiday shopping (and prevent sudden death, maybe?). Check out some of the collection below!

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