Do Not Touch Ring


The Do Not Touch Brass Signet Ring by VERAMEAT.

You know when you're on the subway with your headphones in and you're staring at your phone, and you don't want to look up from your phone in case you make eye contact with someone because after living in the city human connection feels super weird and uncomfortable? Well, this ring says the things you wish you could during your morning commute or the after work rush hour. Also, applicable to other scenarios (but we v much relate to this one).

    • Style: Signet Ring
    • Color/Materials: Brass

VERAMEAT marries dainty, sexy jewelry with a creepy aesthetic fit for celebrating Halloween year round - if that's your vibe. These designs that are hand-crafted in New York City from fine materials such as 100% recycled sterling silver and pure 14 karat gold. VERAMEAT boasts three NY locations: East Village, West Village, & Brooklyn. 

The brand's pieces range from strange treasures to futuristic heirlooms. The jewelry is unique, architectural, and meant for storytelling. Whatever you choose, it will certainly be a conversation piece & something special to remember. 

Some images courtesy of VERAMEAT.

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