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Non-Toxic Beauty is complicated - to say the least - every brand and retailer seems to have a different definition for exactly "non-toxic" actually means. But we do our best to make it as simple as possible for you to shop makeup, skincare, & haircare that's effective,  ethical, non-toxic (commonly referred to as "clean"), cruelty-free, & vegan. We want you to be able to shop your values with confidence, so we did our best to make sure our curation covers all the requirements that matter. We only sell products that are safe for you to wear and not linked to any health concerns (as far as we know). Our products never use any animal products or animal by-products, & they're always 100% cruelty free - meaning they're not sold in countries that require animal testing, like mainland China. Our conscious brand partners also buy & source their ingredients ethically - needless to say, we're super proud to be working with them. 

We don't require that the products we carry be all-natural or organic, but many of the brands that we carry are all-natural & do use organic ingredients in their formulations. 

Read below to see our list of excluded ingredients. If there are any "watch-out" ingredients that may cause sensitivities (& are not included in our list below), we'll be sure to call them out directly on product pages, so that you know. 

Let's Trash These Toxic Ingredients🤮


INCLUDING... Parabens, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Releasing Agents, BHA, BHT, & Triclosan

WHY... Used to increase product shelf-life 

RISKS...  Potential carcinogens



WHY... Plasticizers often found in color cosmetics, lotions, & body washes

RISKS... Reproductive & developmental problems, potential carcinogens 


INCLUDING... Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Paraffin Oil, Propylene Glycols (or PEG's)

WHY... Petroleum based skin conditioners, thickeners, & solvents 

RISKS... Not always properly refined, which can result in carcinogenic PAH by-product, irritation to skin, eyes, & lungs



WHY... A common lather producing detergent that's moisture stripping & is often contaminated with probable carcinogen, I-4 Dioxane 

RISKS... Skin dehydration & irritation, & cancer if contaminated with I-4 Dioxane



WHY... Used to balance pH levels in topical products

RISKS... Potential carcinogen, accumulation & build up in the body, allergies / irritation to skin & lungs 


INCLUDING... Tocopheryl Acetate

WHY... Skin lightening agent used to treat dark spots

RISKS... Linked to cancer & organ toxicity, banned in the E.U.

Sunscreen Chemicals                 |

INCLUDING... Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, PABA

WHY... UV filters that are often found in sunscreen  

RISKS... Accumulation & build up in the body, allergies & irritation, coral reef damage

Coal Tar                                 |

INCLUDING... Beeswax, Carmine, Shark Squalene, Animal Derived Collagen or Gelatin

WHY... Varied functionality across cosmetic industry - but there are many effective plant alternatives which can serve the same purpose

RISKS... Exploitation & harm to animals 

Animal Derived Products & By-Products

INCLUDING... Tocopheryl Acetate, PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)

WHY... Complex mixture that includes carcinogenic PAHs to treat dry skin & conditions like psoriasis

RISKS... Known carcinogen that's derived from burning coal