THE LUNARY is a destination for culture, creativity and the latest happenings in fashion and beauty. It’s also, and maybe more importantly, a community that advocates for our future by championing ethical and sustainable innovation in an approachable way.

We believe that most people want to do good and help other people, animals and the planet but we (brands and retailers) need to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to get involved by making ethical and sustainable practices a given - so people don’t have to do the extra research and can rest assured with their purchases. 

We want to make conscious shopping easy and approachable by challenging misconceptions and breaking down barriers that might prevent you from shopping your values. 

That’s why our webshop carries a tightly curated selection of products from brands that are doing things better than the rest of ‘em. Shop with confidence or read more about each brand and product directly on the product page. 

Let's create a green-er, humane-r, kind-er future together.

Transparency | Labor practices | Social justice | Sustainability | Animal Welfare

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