Ethical Standards

Criteria and standards for the brands we partner with and carry on the webshop:

  • We look for culturally relevant brands that are stylish, sexy, unique, and most importantly, aren't afraid of changing the world.
  • All of the brands that we carry follow strict ethical standards in terms of factory conditions and workers rights and wages.
  • Every brand we carry has some sort of ethical, social or sustainable quality about them - whether it's manufacturing products in the USA, working with artisans and supporting local communities, contributing to or advocating for a cause/organization, sourcing/creating materials and ingredients with less impact on the environment, animal and people, using recycled materials or upcycling waste into fashion - these are the things that we look for.
  • We are especially excited to carry brands that are innovating new materials and technology - like HfS and the piñatex bag, for example. It's these sorts of developments that really get us excited about the future of fashion.
  • We actively try not to carry animal derived products and currently do not carry any in the shop. However, we may carry animal derived products in the future if we stock a brand that uses recycled animal materials, or if we choose to stock vintage items. We do not consciously contribute to the exploitation of animals today. 
To learn about how we’re making thoughtful decisions as a company, click here.