We don’t just source products from thoughtful companies, we are doing our best to make thoughtful decisions too! Read on to find out more. 

Online retail packaging can often feel overwhelming and wasteful, so we were extra careful in sourcing the right print and packaging materials in order create a memorable unboxing experience that's mindful too. 

One thing we really wanted to do was to create packaging and inserts that double as keepsakes for our customers so that you cherish and reuse some of these materials instead of immediately tossing them out upon receipt (as many of us so often do). We partnered with illustrator, Anja Slibar to create designs for the boxes, print materials and other touch points. Her work elevates these materials into pieces of art, turning them into takeaways worth keeping for all of you. :) 

Some more sustainability tidbits:

  • Our business cards and hang tags are made from 100% recycled cotton - sourced from t-shirt offcuts they actually reuse fashion industry waste, which seemed fitting ;)
  • Our postcard paper is sustainably made from a hydro-electric factory in Michigan
  • Tissue paper is made from FSC certified paper (premium grade and acid-free) and printed with vegetable based ink
  • Packaging tape is made from paper and has a water based adhesive, making it recyclable along with our boxes
  • Corrugated boxes and jewelry boxes are made from mostly recycled content 
  • Poly shipping mailers (for returns) and clear flap and seal bags (that go inside the box and used for warehousing) are made from 100% recycled materials, same with our shipping labels
  • We are donating 5% of profits from The Essentials Edit to The Sierra Club (learn more about The Essentials Edit, here)

    We're always open to hearing suggestions and ideas from you and truly appreciate any feedback (because we love and value you). If you want to get in touch, you can contact us here

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