50% Archives Promotion

NEWUse Promo Code “FIFTY” For 50% Off  [No Returns]

  • Help us put this inventory to good use as we go fully into our marketplace initiative! We’re selling all of our awesome conscious brands (that are not marketplace brands) at 50% off — no returns. If you need sizing help or want more images, shoot us a text at 727-201-2031
  • We want you to love your new pieces, re-wearing them many times over, so we’re happy to help ensure that they’re a good match for you.
  • We’re not doing returns because of the massive discount and because CO2 pollution is bad for the planet, so please be thoughtful about your purchases. We know that you already are! :) 
  • This sale will continue for some time (until we’ve sold the inventory) but keep in mind that we usually only have 1 or 2 pieces per size. 
  • If a ‘no returns’ policy gives you too much anxiety, we still accept returns on our other promotions (unless otherwise stated), like the Earth25 promotion mentioned above. 
  • Please note, 2 promotion codes may not be applied to the same order. 

Why We’re Running This Promo


When we launched we were primarily sustainability and ethics focused, with everything else that we value considered more “nice to have” than required. However, we found that sustainable fashion was way too homogenous, i.e., founded by white people, expensive, neutral/minimal. It made us realize that we wanted to create a space that reflected all of our values without compromise, which meant partnering with conscious brands founded by marginalized creators who share our vision for an Ethical, Sustainable, Diverse, and Inclusive world. We decided to pursue our new mission through a digital safe space that celebrates marginalized narratives and fights for the vision we believe in, and a marketplace featuring our conscious brand partners and our own creations. 

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